2016 Recognition Awards Program

The National Convocation stands as a witness for commitment to God, a showcase of warriors for Christ who live exemplary lives of valor and compassion, blazing trails and leaving paths for succeeding generations to follow. The National Convocation Awards are presented to individuals for invaluable contribution to their Church and Community, exhibition of the highest standards, and evidence of faithfulness in Christ.

Each year National Convocation Recognition Awards Program gives you the opportunity to nominate your choices for an array of awards that honor people who have bettered their church and community through their works.

Award descriptions and guidelines are outlined below.

Awards & Description

Preston Taylor Living Legacy – An individual who has shown leadership in training new ministers and provided financial support that made a difference in the overall church

Emmett Dickson Preaching – Recognize a preacher who has been established for 25 plus years with noted preaching skills for winning souls to Christ within a COC or UCC Congregation

Rosa Page Welch – A woman who has dedicated her life to being an ambassador for Christ by being a light in her church, home and community

Justice – A person who has spoken out and implemented processes to ensure people receive justice in an unjust world through transformation and reconciliation

Builder – (Born prior to 1946) A senior member of the church who has shown wisdom and knowledge within their local congregation for more than 40 years

Boomer – (Born 1946 – 1964) An adult who has shared the wisdom and knowledge for change within their church and caused a significant difference in the life of those they serve

Buster – ( Born 1965 – 1983) An adult who has created an energy of transformation within their home church and has energized the congregation and won souls for Christ

Bridger –(1984 – 1993) A young adult who has created an energy or technological program that has created environmental and technological savings and changes within the church and community.

Inspirational – (1994 – Present) A young person who has inspired others through a specific program within the church

All members of National Convocation Churches are eligible for nomination.
The nominee must register to attend the National Convocation Biennial Session
Awards will be presented at the 2016 Biennial Session Convocation Banquet.

Nominations are now closed.